All-Natural Deodorant Stick
Not tested on animals and free from animal-derived ingredients Cruelty Free and Vegan Seal
All-Natural Deodorant Stick

100% Natural

Get all-day sleeveless confidence! Ditch those chemical-laden deo sticks and make the switch to an all-good, all-natural breakthrough in deo protection.

12 Deo Benefits, 1 Deo Brand:
1. Tea tree oil fights odor-causing bacteria
2. Instant-dry formula
3. Non-sticky after-feel
4. Sunflower oil helps lighten underarms
5. Smoothens underarms
6. Easy to rinse with no flaky buildup
7. No stains or streaks on clothes
8. No harsh alcohol that can darken underarms
9. No aluminum salts
10. No phthalates (synthetic fragrances)
11. No triclosan
12. No parabens

Available in a Powder Fresh scent

Did you know? Sweating is the body's natural and healthy way of releasing unwanted toxins. Antiperspirants often contain aluminum salts that prevent sweat from escaping your body. While our deodorant stick is not an antiperspirant, it is specially formulated to combat bacteria and keep you smelling fresh!

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