Balancing Face Toner
Not tested on animals and free from animal-derived ingredients Cruelty Free and Vegan Seal
Balancing Face Toner

100% Natural | For OILY or COMBINATION SKIN

Complete your natural face routine with the improved formulation of Balancing Face Toner! Bursting with elemi extract, prized ingredient known for its skin-care benefits and healing properties and sugar beet, now you can help keep oil under control for shine-free, refreshed skin!

This helps you stay away from alcohol-based toners that can dry your skin leading to premature skin ageing. Your skin deserves a gentle yet effective cleanser without the stinging and tightening. And what’s best is that it preps your skin for what should come next – moisturizing! The end result? Stunningly clear, shine-free skin!

You have OILY or COMBINATION skin when you experience at least three (3) of the signs below:

You wake up and your skin is shiny and slick on and around your nose
Your pores are visible (even on entire face)
After washing, your face looks shiny
Your skin is usually shiny and has a slippery texture
You find yourself using blotting papers or re-applying powder more than 2x a day

If you experience the above, you need to balance your skin to keep it clean and healthy!

Did you know: Top luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs all use Manila Elemi from the sap of the pili tree. This prized ingredient revered by the world’s beauty industry is found only in the Philippines!

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