Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo
Not tested on animals and free from animal-derived ingredients Cruelty Free and Vegan Seal
Furry Kind Natural Cocomutt Shampoo

96.5% Natural

Pamper your pooch from snout to tail with only what’s safe and healthy! Now you can give your pup only the purest, most gentle, harmful chemical-free care. A collaboration with Human Nature global ambassador Rachel Grant, Furry Kind presents to you its first ever product, Natural Cocomutt Shampoo in Tangerine Treat! It's made with coconut-derived goodness, leaving your pet's fur so much softer, fluffier and smelling irresistibly huggable!

A few years ago, I noticed canine cancer was on the rise and I suddenly became very particular with how I cleaned my dog, Brutus. I realized that many pet washes contain tons of toxic chemicals! That’s why I teamed up with Human Nature to create a shampoo free from harmful chemicals so our furry friends could have stronger, healthier, longer lives.

Introducing Furry Kind, our Natural Cocomutt Shampoo! I was so excited to share the goodness, I even tried it on different dogs all the way in New York City —and they loved it! For many, pets are family. They calm us down when we’re angry and perk us up when we’re lonely. So choose to give them the safest ingredients that touch their skin, paws and fur, because your furry kind pet deserves furry special treatment!

Rachel Grant
Philippine-born former Beauty Queen
Bond Girl, Adventure Writer & Social Entrepreneur,
Human Nature Global Ambassador

Did You Know? What harms us humans, harms our pets, too! Parabens, surfactants and synthetic fragrances all pose life-threatening risks to our furry friend’s health – just like you and me. Plus, we may not even realize it, but owners can be exposed to these harmful toxins just by washing their dogs with chemical shampoos! So in reality, what harms our pets, harms us humans too!

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