began with a cosmetics junkie, a radical Englishman, and a harassed new mom.

Human Nature (Gandang Kalikasan, Inc.) was the brainchild of Gawad Kalinga volunteers Camille Meloto, Dylan Wilk, and Anna Meloto-Wilk who burned with the desire to help uplift the Philippines and its people from poverty.
Anna's passion for the environment blossomed as did her first child. Together with her husband, Dylan, a successful British entrepreneur who gave up his wealthy lifestyle in England to work with the poor in the Philippines, they decided to use cloth diapers after learning that disposable diapers contain toxic chemicals and take 500 years to deteriorate. Living a more sustainable and "green" lifestyle eventually led them to using fewer chemicals and, well, less stuff in general.
Camille, Anna's sister, had always been fascinated with makeup and cosmetics. After finishing college, she worked as a freelance makeup artist and eventually joined a cosmetics company. Though she was well into pursuing her passion for cosmetics, her longing to help her home country was still waiting to be fulfilled.
Anna and Dylan lived in the United States for a year while Dylan set up a network of volunteers for the Philippine poverty-alleviation and nation-building movement Gawad Kalinga. Anna noticed a growing trend of affordable, natural, eco-friendly and ethically-made products entering the mainstream market. What used to be found solely in boutiques and high-end stores could now be bought in supermarkets and drug stores.
Camille joined them halfway through their US assignment and the sisters began more in-depth research work on natural and organic products and creating them in the Philippines.
Upon their return to the Philippines, Camille and Anna continued their research and were able to successfully collaborate with a natural formulator to create Human Nature's first line of products.
With the help of some close friends, family, and Gawad Kalinga partners, Human Nature was officially launched in November 2008 at Blue Leaf, Fort Bonifacio in Manila, Philippines.
Centering on the core values of being good for you, good for communities in need and good for the environment, Human Nature continues to grow exponentially. We currently employ hundreds of Gawad Kalinga residents and residents of other poor communities in roles from accounting to manufacturing to warehousing and merchandising. Beyond direct employment, we have partnered with many other social entrepreneurs, notably those from GK Enchanted Farm in Bulacan, Philippines, to try to create a springboard to help them improve product quality and design and get their products to market.

An incubation valley for other social enterprises to grow and flourish, the Enchanted Farm is an all-organic farm that has paved the way for brilliant entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true while empowering their workers through stable livelihood. Examples of social enterprises that have sprouted here are the all-nutritious, all-delicious beverage Bayani Brew; First Harvest healthy traditional homemade spreads; The Golden Egg, naturally colored salted duck eggs; and Gourmet Keso, gourmet carabao white cheese.

Where goodness is sown, goodness is reaped. This is what we proved when Human Nature successfully opened its Carmelray Manufacturing Plant in Laguna, Philippines in 2014. Founded on the spirit of bayanihan (which means “a spirit of communal unity”) and commitment to providing quality, natural goodness in every bottle, the plant serves as the heart and core of Human Nature as it upholds the highest possible standards in production and quality control. Human Nature's microbial standards are 100 times stricter than Philippine FDA allowable limits in cosmetics, for example.

Human Nature continues to strive to transform the lives of the impoverished and undeserved through successful and sustainable social enterprises and quality natural products for everyone. Though still a very young company, Human Nature has big plans for the future and is fiercely determined to build a globally recognized brand that touches the hearts and lives of everyone it comes in contact with.

Goodness... it's Human Nature.